We are pleased to announce that 5BARz India pvt. Ltd., have begun commercial rollout of the 5BARz® Network Extender in India. After several months of extensive field testing by the leading multinational Indian Telecom Operator and having successfully completed the vendor registration process, 5BARz India is now an approved vendor of the Operator. Further, 5BARz India got it’s first set of purchase orders from this Operator for the 5BARz® Network Extender.

Samartha Nagabhushanam, 5BARz India CEO, stated, “We are extremely excited to be working on the commercialization of our revolutionary 5BARz® Network Extender in India. Currently, we are in the process of delivering the devices against our first set of purchase orders. We believe the 5BARz® Network Extender will provide an improved indoor user experience with mobile devices in areas in the network that have proven challenging in the past. This is a great beginning for the company.”

Dr. Gil Amelio, Chairman of 5BARz International, stated, “A recognized leader in the global telecommunications industry is adopting our product, and having them be the first in the industry to adopt our transformative product is very gratifying. I look forward to what we believe will be a rapidly growing adoption of the 5BARz® Network Extender throughout the global telecommunications industry in the coming months and years as the industry strives to meaningfully enhance user experience.”

Daniel Bland, CEO of 5BARz International, stated, “Reaching commercialization of the 5BARz® Network Extender is a major milestone in our company’s history. In addition to thanking Dr. Amelio for his steadfast guidance, I would like to thank Naresh Soni, our CTO, and his team of dedicated engineers in San Diego, as well as the engineering team in India, and everyone at 5BARz India for their tireless efforts in accomplishing this challenging task. Our next steps are to expand adoption in India and the rest of the world as fast as possible. This is just the beginning.”

For further information about 5BARz International, Inc., visit www.5barz.com, read our SEC filings at http://ir.5barz.com/all-sec-filings.

About 5BARz International Inc.

The 5BARz International Inc. business is focused on the global commercialization of patented product technologies branded under the name 5BARz®. 5BARz® is a cellular and broadband connectivity solutions company for application in the small office, home or for when users are mobile. 5BARz® incorporates patented technology to create highly engineered, single-piece, plug ‘n play units that strengthens weak cellular signals to deliver high quality signals for voice, data and video reception on cell phones and other cellular equipped devices cellular connectivity device and an uninterrupted and smart solution for the broadband coverage solutions. 5BARz® represents a key solution for network operators in providing clear, high quality signal for their subscribers with a growing need for high quality connectivity. 5BARz International Inc.‘s shares are publicly traded on the OTCBB under the ticker symbol BARZ.