5BARz International, Inc. (“5BARz” or “the Company”) a technology leader in the cellular network extender industry, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary 5BARz India has completed delivery against the first Purchase Orders from a large multinational Indian operator. Further, the planning for future orders is underway.

5BARz India has also received technical acceptance from another “Tier One” network operator which has a large Indian footprint and is also expanding into other countries. 5BARz India has commenced commercial discussions with this network operator.

With the confidence of gaining technical acceptance from two “Tier One” network operators, 5BARz India has commenced dialogues with other Indian operators and intends to introduce the 5BARz™ network extenders through three other network operators in the next two quarters.

A recently concluded market research survey, initiated by 5BARz India, has shown that 46% of mobile consumers experience cellular network performance issues. This is consistent with the Indian government directives to improve the quality of telecom services. The world’s second largest cellular market (by subscriber base) has recently seen an urgent call to action by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Senior ministry officials have called for radical solutions to be implemented to help resolve the poor connectivity woes of Indian subscribers.

Indian telecom operators are facing significant challenges due to lack of land and infrastructure to erect new cell towers and an increased level of health activism which is leading to forced closure of existing towers in urban areas over radiation fears. Despite 70,000 towers being erected in the past year, call drops have increased two fold in 2G circles and over 65% in 3G circles.

We believe that due to the 5BARz™ plug & play feature, and zero installation cost of the 5BARz Network Extender that 5BARz™ is emerging as the most attractive proposition for this market scenario. Further, the overwhelming response received during the 5BARz India launch and the extremely positive traction seen in the recently attended investor conference, positions the 5BARz™ network extender as a key solution in solving the problem of the last mile of wireless connectivity.

About 5BARz International Inc.

The 5BARz International Inc. business is focused on the global commercialization of patented product technologies branded under the name 5BARz®. 5BARz® is a cellular and broadband connectivity solutions company for application in the small office, home or for when users are mobile. 5BARz® incorporates patented technology to create highly engineered, single-piece, plug ‘n play units that strengthens weak cellular signals to deliver high quality signals for voice, data and video reception on cell phones and other cellular equipped devices cellular connectivity device and an uninterrupted and smart solution for the broadband coverage solutions. 5BARz® represents a key solution for network operators in providing clear, high quality signal for their subscribers with a growing need for high quality connectivity. 5BARz International Inc.‘s shares are publicly traded on the OTCBB under the ticker symbol BARZ.