Make your Home Smart

Smartly manage & fulfill your family Internet needs & monitor your home comfort & security via IoT sensors wherever you are with a click of a button with the 5BARz experience-enabled applications. The 5BARz Experience makes it easy for you to be safe, cared for and relaxed in a smart enabled home.







Smart Power

4-hours of uninterrupted power backup

Smart Wireless

Wire line with wireless back-haul option

Smart Bandwidth

sets family with different bandwidths as per need & alerts when usage is likely to exceed based on patterns of usage

Smart Storage

Common drive for storing for the entire family

Smart Usage

Dynamic speed and bandwidth management with variable speeds and data download allowances for each device based on user requirement

Smart Home

Advanced IoT capabilities with a connectivity suite for safety & comfort features that can alert you over a call or sms (temperature, humidity, gas detection, motion sensors & cameras)

Rovr | Smart Router Features

Have a look at all the exciting features of Rovr smart Router

5Barz Rovr Feature Sets

  • Simple Plug and Play Installation
  • Remote Network Management Capabilities through ROVR app
  • Multi WAN options with a built in 4G WAN module and RJ45 Ethernet based WAN for various connections to xDSL, GPON, cable etc
  • Intelligent Usage Based Software Algorithms
  • Built- in Smart home functionalities
  • 4-hours of battery backup


  • IoT capabilities like cameras temperature, humidity, gas detection & motion sensors to become a home assistant
  • Up to 866 MBPS data speeds
  • WLAN coverage up to 2000 sqft
  • Intuitive web app and mobile app for managing the device
  • Multiple SSID/Guest wireless network (up to 4)
  • USB Mass Storage/printer support for entire family


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